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I'm not payin 1200MP for maps ever again..Specially for 3 maps GTFOH Activision

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It's criminal.

It really is.

People don't see value in these map packs, they just don't know how much money 1200 MSP actually is.

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For 1200 Microsoft points, which converts to approximately £10, I can get Batman Arkham Asylum or Bioshock 2 BRAND NEW from an online retailer. So Treyarch, what were you saying about value again?


I have spend more than 15 hours at the defiant map pack and that was 800 MSP...I can understand the value, some people like to spend 50 bucks for a game that they finish in 10 hours and maybe someday will play again.. I spend 10 bucks on three maps tha has kept me busy for 15 hours and still going on.. It is not because you think it is a rip off that it feels the same for the ones spending days in COD: BO..If they thought so they would no buy it.


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NotStan said:
KylieDog said:

More like if people do not buy them they can look forward to getting booted from lobbies constantly when a DLC map is voted.


Better games usually have a DLC-free playlist to join.

That was the problem on WaW, but now they've released an additional playlist, specifically for the First Strike map pack. I don't think I've ever encountered a DLC map yet and I've played it quite a lot. So does that make Black Ops a better game?

I guess so, but I think players can still vote them into random games, which then boots you out.


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Looks like that guy and Jack Tretton both went to the same high school.

"Sky High Prices High" :O

1200 is like a full game on xbl. You can buy an incredible game using 1200MSP.

Selling  maps for 1200MSP should be a crime.

Hey check it out! A closed system that enables utter milking and exploitatoin of the idiocy of a large number of people! Who would have thought that a closed system would foster such behavior. I am shocked I tell you, SHOCKED.

I have yet to pay a cent for any form of DLC, and I'm proud of it.

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