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A kinda serious question... one of the main attrraction for PS3 over the 360 is the fact that online play is free. It rarely concerns me since I do most of the online gaming on the PC. My PS3 is comprise primarily of single player expiriences or game that are suitable for local mulitplayer like Street Fighter or Bomberman.

If it comes down to it, I probably WOULD pay for online play if I think I was getting my money's worth, unfortunately that is not the case. I would barely touch online multiplayer on the PS3 for months and I'd only ever get interest in a single game for a short period before going back to my PC for my online fix. The simple truith is that I can't justify paying $15+ a month to go online on a PS3 or a 360 becauseI  wouldn't be getting my money worth.

This gen is not likely to see changes in the status quo, but come next gen, Sony would be in a position to impliment.... and when they do I will lose online play altogether as the short time I do play online on my PS3 just wouldn't be worth a subscription. What would you guys do? Any current PS3 owner who wouldn't mind paying online if it means a better service? Or are there others like me, who like to occassionally try online multiplayer and like the fact that the option is always there but will definitly no subscribe to a monthly fee as they simply don't see the value?

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Absolutely not, i wouldn't pay for online play.

I'm a PS3 owner and I love to play online, but I don't get the chance to play online as often as I would like.

My 360 owning friends ahve let their subscriptions lapse simply because they don't have the time to play enough to justify the cost. They do most of their gaming on PC now.

Playing online should be free, the added extras should cost.

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depends. only 1 mmo i would pay for.

Hhhhmmm...probably, yes. So long as they keep it to under $5/month.

But I would prefer if they just sold single player games separately from multiplayer games. So I could purchase the Killzone 3 single plalyer/local co-op for $25, then if I choose I would pay $35 for the multiplayer..which would have the online costs built-in. Or something like that.

I like to play single player for pretty much every game, but only have time to play multiplayer for like 4 games throughout the year...yet I pay for both when I purchase the game for $60.

Yes, and I have done it before.

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Over my dead body. I am only willing to pay ofr an MMO, solely because of the server cost to have everyone play on their servers. That's it.

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For PSN? No. I'm more than satisfied with the single player experiences for the console. For 360? I already do. Most of my friends from high school that I don't see anymore have 360s and are into games like Gears of War and Halo. I don't get to interact much with them anymore outside of these games as we've all grown apart geographically so it's $40 well spent to keep in touch and have a good time. Otherwise I play SP almost exclusively on all platforms.

No. Just no.

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If I had to, I would.  The PSN is an awesome service and the only reason I don't pay for it is that Sony offers it for free.  I must admit, being free compared to XBL is one hell of a selling point.  I'm sure it costs Sony a ton of money to maintain, update, and upgrade it but I guess it's worth it for them to have this over Xbox.  Sony fans (including me) seem to appreciate it.

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I used to have live gold in the first year of the 360. But like you I didn't use it for months at a time and only sporadically for a few games, so I let it lapse. (well it actually took a lot of annoying questions before they guy on the phone would cancel it)

I play online more frequently nowadays but since I can do it for free on the ps3, why bother buying the 360 version of multiplat games.

I mainly play racing games online. I might be tempted to get gold again for forza 4. But It's hard to justify paying 10 dollars extra a month to play 1 game online. That's almost as much as a WoW subscription. Yes you can get it cheaper if you buy it for a whole year, but then I would spend 110 dollars before tax for 1 game...