Tales of Graces F coming to PS3, 360, Wii

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i rolled my eyes before i clicked on the thread then i was like wow a link then i see this.,.........well fuc it lol.

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Those graphics are SICK. Thanks for the link Tres!

The Carnival of Shadows - Folk Punk from Asbury Park, New Jersey


It was all looking so promising as well



Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

*Reads op*

*sees link*

*Copy link location*


youtube, eh? Rickroll i'm assuming?

Sig thanks to Saber! :D 

I hate you. :'(

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LOL, best prank of the day(s)

LOL! nice.

Atto Suggests...:

Book - Malazan Book of the Fallen series 

Game - Metro Last Light

TV - Deadwood

Music - Forest Swords 

ok, you guys got me again..

You got me... It just had to come out on my birthday to pique my interest. >.>

Pixel Art can be fun.