Tales of Graces F coming to PS3, 360, Wii

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  • English and Japanese voiceovers
  • Storyline changed because of a character switch
  • New sidequests and a huge boss added
  • PS3 version to support Move controls
  • Out on August 31st


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They changed the storyline? Ohdear...

I REALLY want them to release this in EU, or atleast here in UK where we're native english lol. Seriously they love to tease us in EU, they dangle a game over our head and feed us lies and false hope! D:

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I cant trust any news today, you know this.

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Time for hype

I wouldn't say I fell for it,  but I wasn't sure until I clicked on the link

no DS version!?

those bastards!!!

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So the new character's a black guy who likes fried chicken?

Oh Japan...

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Hmm...I'm suddenly filled with the desire to eat fried chicken. Well played Namco.