PSN Plus members do you like the online storage?

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PSN Plus members do you like the online storage?

Yes 54 73.97%
No, it needs more space 4 5.48%
Don't use it 15 20.55%

I do! Castlevania LOS has an issue where it can delete saved data for no damn reason (unhandled exception) and I feel victim to it (I was pissed). I remembered that i put the most recent save in online storage and BAM! got my save data back.

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I love it. I've backed up almost all of my saves. Plus has turned out to be a pretty good deal, for me at least.


It needs much more space,  at the minimum it should have been a 500MB.  I put all my saves on a thumb drive and it was over 2GB

I'd didn't think I would use the online storage. But it's actually pretty handy.

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Yeah its awesome

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The online storage was what pushed me into finally subscribing.  Being able to back up my Assassin's Creed 2 save file was nice. 

Yeah. But soon I will need more space.

I love it! Makes switiching from one system to another MUCH easier!


I haven't used it at all, but thats because i don't really care about my saves lol.

150 ain't that bad, I've "backed up" some of my key saves, so I'm happy.

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