So, have YOU donated to the Japanese relief effort yet?

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Mythe said:
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Ssenkahdavic said:

Donated blood for Japan yesterday.

I do not do monetary donations, tho I will continue to support Japan through the purchase of many anime/video games.

I did think of importing some games instead, but who knows how much help it'll do. 'sides, if Japan doesn't use the money, then some other country will for sure.

Another thanks to the donators, and thanks to darth for helping me get the word out.

I was going threw the post in this thread and I saw your post about importing games to help Japan.

If you want to buy games and also help Japan, get it from Play-Asia. They are donating part of the money they get from certain sales to the Red Cross for the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief.

Here's the link for you and whoever else would be interested. I posted the link to one of the games that have a donation attached to it so people can see what the donation items look like (it will say  the amount of donation in the title of the item). 1/3 of the money from this game or $5 is going to the relief effort.


(Not everything they are selling will be tied to a donation. Check the title of the item to see how much will be donated.)

Yup, I already added it in the OP, albeit with less details that you've given me. I'll ordain a major update to this thread tomorrrow, gotta spark up the attention since the current state of affairs in Japan is nowhere near what you'd call "improving".

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Thread updated with new ways to donate and with some videos, and in the spirit of the update, Ganbare, VGCHARTZ!

i stopped giving when i realized that the beggars were always the same people  and that they disapeared during vacation periods....

i extended that to global relief too.