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Seece said:
SmokedHostage said:


By year's end.

Provided there's a price cut before the 4th quarter.

Is that with or without a price cut?

Do you want me to put you down as 17 mill, or 17.35 in others?

17.35 in others

Also, yes, with a pricecut.

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MightyGrogg said:

Kinect should get a price cut before the end of the year and if that happens, along with a few must have titles, it'll easily sell over 6 (again) over the holidays. I'm sure we'll see at least 3-4 new titles from Microsoft at the E3.

Just a number please

Nevermind, I saw your 20 mill post.


my rough guestimate calculation suggests 18.5 million.  put me down for 19M.

put me down for 18 million.

I say it continues to sell a million a  month on average through September.  Then, Oct-Nov it does at least 8 million again due to the holiday and big 2nd gen games being released.  That puts it at my prediction:

25 million.

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20 million is a safe bet for me. 

18 million.

Sales will be OK thru September but they will jump again come the holidays.

It's just that simple.

Seece, why do you want me to predict?

I'm going to say 23 million, only because the number somehow stands out in my mind, and using my instinct had me nightkill both a Mafioso and a Serial Killer in one game of Mafia.

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Put me down for 22. I was gonna go with a cool 20 but then I was thinking that they are gonna come with something big for Kinect at E3.

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