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Help graf_chokolo Fight Sony!

I Understand This is About Consumer Rights! 37 48.68%
I Don't Understand What This is About. 39 51.32%

Please Help graf_chokolo Fight Sony!

As reported here, the home of PS3 security researcher Alexander Egorenkov (aka. graf_chokolo) in Germany recently got raided by the police and all his computer equipment and PS3s were seized. Additionaly he is being sued by Sony for the absurd amount of 1 Million EUROs (nearly $1.4 Million USD). graf_chokolo has been working hard for the rights of consumers around the world, by restoring Other OS to PS3 after Sony's unlawful removal. He is neither involved in any video game piracy nor in accessing Sony's PSN with modified PS3s, neither of which he condones. The Chaos Computer Club, a German association of security researchers that among other things organized the congress in Berlin at which fail0verflow's PS3 research was presented last year, has helped him find the best possible lawyers. Now he needs your help to pay for his legal bills. It is sad that in our time you need to ask for donations just so you may stand a chance in court. It is terrible how the rights of consumers are being trampled on by major corporations, and how our goverments do nothing to protect us. It is of the utmost importance not to let them get away with their scare tactics and their bullying. Why should corporations like Sony be allowed to have so great an influence on the way laws are interpreted in our countries, and even influence the passing of new laws? They are not our elected officials! This is why you should donate to graf_chokolo, to help him fight for YOUR rights. Every little bit helps! And next time you intend to buy an electronic device, consider voting with your wallet.

You have earned a trophy. Pissed Off Your Consumer Base.

Help graf_chokolo to fight against SONY

Guys, i never wanted to take money from anybody for my work. And i always shared my work and code with PS3 developers and community. Recently i was working on bringing Linux to PS3 back, as you all know, unfortunately SONY managed to stop me. Many of you offered donations to help me continue my work and i always declined as you know. But now i really need your help and support in this fight with SONY. Please help me to pay my legal bills which are immensely because i cannot pay them on my own.

Here is my PayPal account:

And here is my bank account for direct transactions:

Alexander Egorenkov
Bank account:3726068
IBAN: DE62600501010003726068

Please donate as much as you can and want.
Thank you in advance.

And to answer your question “What happens with the remaining money ?”, i intend to give it to CCC club so the club could help other guys like me which get sued by SONY or give it all to some charity organization. I give you my word on that and you know that i keep my word.


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brb, donating to Sony.

Fu** chocolo, I am donating to the japanese.

Lol, unbiased poll ftw! No option for Sony.

Sony always seems to find the benevolent pirates/hackers.

Nope, but good luck to him, He will need it.

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Mmm... let me think about it... no. He called trouble upon himself, so let him deal with it.

I'll only donate to a decent cause - are donations for Japan open? I got some money they can use.

The Sony hate is strong with this one.

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If he has no interest in connecting modded PS3s to PSN then his work is pointless, anyone who wanted OtherOS more than PSN should have simply not updated their firmware.



My pockets are open for the Japanese people but not for this. He called this onto him. 

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KylieDog said:

If he has no interest in connecting modded PS3s to PSN then his work is pointless, anyone who wanted OtherOS more than PSN should have simply not updated their firmware.


perhaps they still wanted to play their bought games. Updates come on disc too.