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Giving praise to the companies doing the most harm to the game industry seems odd, but ok.

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leatherhat said:

Giving praise to the companies doing the most harm to the game industry seems odd, but ok.



Grow up Kid

Gotta give credit where credit is due.

The two big things I've noticed during this console generation was innovation in gaming interface (WiiMote, DS Touchscreen, Kinect, etc.) and the evolution of online and social gaming. Xbox Live was instrumental in the latter part, so it's good to see Iwata give them some credit.

What is most important is that he bashed Apple (pretty much) and the social gaming, underlining the importance of big companies not to change their mind because of a few big games (Farmville).

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Nintendo has always been the "classiest" between the three console manufacturers, at least in my book. 

It's nice to see him being mature and praising another company, as many said already.  I think it is time for them to take a page from Microsoft and charge into online and social gaming. Live is the best obviously, they can't top it but they can get closer.

I like this though, I have always respected Microsoft. Playstation really comes off as a cocky company and they tend to "bash" more then give credit where credit is due, which is annoying when you have to work at a toy store and hear their sad excuses for information videos. Even Sony gamers find it insulting because they really push the "we are better" angle without giving much actual information, which is just sad when you think it is being shown to people who are working at a store that wants to sell ALL consoles. They really do seem like they are some bully who are angry they didn't innovate with motion controls like Wii or really push it to another level with Kinect.  They may not be but it's the image they convey.

I agree everything about live is great except for the price, microsoft points and the annoying advertisements.

As for COD I disagree, I think Halo does it better. Ever tried playing in parties for deathmatch in COD, you can't, but in HALO you are free to play in parties in free for all games. Only a minor complaint, but for me it is abig deal.

I wonder if nintendo will actually embrace online gaming as the future considering it is an Eastern company and Eastern players prefer single player games. I still think MS will remin the leader in online innovation because they are from a Western nation that has happily excepted online gaming. MS better do this snce at least some of the money I pay for live should go towards improving it.

Not too strange, given that Nintendo's finally moving forward with the 3DS to something that's live-esque, aside from the singular friend code

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forest-spirit said:

It's always nice to hear competitors praise each other once in a while!