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Yay I'm a Cardinal!! The only thing missing from my ps collection is the pspgo, but I have 2 psps (so I guess this makes up for it).

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Just keep the alterboys away from the Priests.


Good thing Im a Cardinal.

well i only get to be an alter boy since the ps3 is my only playstation product.   :/

i probably could have been a cardinal in the nintendo (nes, snes, n64, gc, wii, gb, ds) but i recently renounced that "religion" for playstation.  oh well, i guess you have to start at the bottom and work your way up.

Dude...  Why?

True PS fans are atheists!

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I'm a Bishop I think... PSOne, PS2, PS3 and way over 50 games (with PSN over 50 just in PS3).

I have every Playstation (2 PS1's [original and slim], 3 PS2's [two originals and a slim], 5 PS3's [60 {my first buy on launch}, 40, 80 and 2 Slims {160 and 250} and I own 2 PSP's [1000 and 2000].

My game library has reached over 400 games at one time, but now stands at a lean and mean 279. The problem is I buy and sell games at such large quantites recently (only keeping the good to excellent games and banishing the trash) that I haven't updated my VGChartz game collection in over a year and a half.

Xenostar said:

I have

PS1, PSOne, PS2, PSP, PSP GO, PS3, PlayStation Poket,

Over 80 Games for PS1,

Over 60 Games for PS2

Over 50 Games for PS3

Over 30 games for PSP

2 Games for PlayStation Pocket


But i dont think i can be arsed to sit and enter them all into VGChartz, ill think about it.

That's how I feel.

Since this is videogames, the question of the bishop role is...

Who is the Bishop of Battle?


I'm easily Cardinal hahaha