Microsoft Won’t Unveil New Exclusive Games until E3

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Sure, we'll see. I hope they surprise me cause lately I fell like they have been bullshitting me. Shadow Complex 2 and all will be forgiven, might even earn some credit for future fuck ups.

I LOVE paying for Xbox Live! I also love that my love for it pisses off so many people.

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What about a platformer used music as an intricate part of play. Or how about a band simulator where you build a band

So this means my 360 will be collecting dust until June or probably more months.

Microsoft are bonkers for not sorting out some decent 1st party exclusives for 2011. It really doesn't look good for them in that area, surely they can't be just relying on kinect? E3 is miles away!?

Acevil said:
axumblade said:

I kind of figured that's how it would be this year.

Microsoft love to have a spectacle every year at E3.

Except last year! :P

And the year before? :p

Same for Sony and Nintendo btw. :/

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I need some RPG's to play on my xbox 360 and PS3 this generation lacks RPG's like the last one. Only a solid few titles have been released like Star Ocean the Last hope and Tales of Vesperia. And Final Fantasy 13, and White Knight Chronicles. we need way more from RPG companies than what they have been producing i have been waiting for versus 13 for 4 years.  

I just want any jrpg from Ms, nothing else. Way to many games come out.




I'm pretty sure this will be the case for Sony and Nintendo, too.....