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rendo said:
voty2000 said:
yusuke93_ita said:

haven't logged in for a while and the first thing i see is this "VGC Pro"

i mean wtf are you guys thinking, i am here since 2009, when i first saw vgchartz i immediately thought "this is the best website EVER" a place to talk about videogames sales...

...you guys ruined vgchartz... this "pro" thing is the worst thing you could ever made to this website; i'm leaving vgchartz, i know that all of you won't care since i have posted only 200 times... but i just want to say it


 see ya

A guy that doesn't know how to use the shift key to capatilize the beginning of sentences, something you learn is 1st grade, is leaving?  GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!

A guy who can't spell capitalize is belittling someone who's leaving?  GREAT!!!!

I try to be mean but it never works out!!!!!!

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I assume you'd take care of the ongoing costs of Vgchartz then? Unless you think it's easy and free.

Also, grammar nazis are scary >_<

NotStan said:

Well to be fair, the data that we get for free anyway is what most of the users use. Weekly numbers, YTD numbers, Top software charts and preorders. Most of the features that are now restricted to "pro" are rarely used by majority of the members, so it only affects a minority, I'd personally still like to have access to the features that are now Pro but in reality, VGC does need money for maintenance and the service they do, so I do understand where they are coming from and not affected by the new feature in the slightest.

I dunno about that. There's plenty of people who used to talk about games in the 41-100 sales position for each week. I think they unreasonably gimped the weekly sales by chopping it down to 40. Top 50 would have kept me reasonably happy (what was available to plebian lurkers before the advent of Pro) and it would still give the Pro subscribers 150 more games per week to easily analyse than us freeloaders. Plus all the other data analysis tools we don't get to use.

Not worth leaving the site over. But really if you're not someone who's interested in posting on forums there's no sales data access incentive to sign up for. That suggests the site owners see no value in having signed up members. Of course lurkers read the forums too, and if there were no members making threads and posting in forums there'd be less site traffic over all and hence less advertising revenue. Thus there is value and the site owners should throw us freeloading members a bone. Not a big one, but just enough to show that we are valued more than lurkers.

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d21lewis said:

Goddammit, Snake612.



612 / 93 = 6.58.

Somebody find some significance in that number.

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Anyway, I remember him as that guy who was near the top of the Trophy League. I remember, one person over 2000 posts was in the top 50 of that league.

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