Isn't it ironic PSP gets a price cut but not DS?

Forums - Gaming Discussion - Isn't it ironic PSP gets a price cut but not DS?

In participation of 3DS release, we all expected the DS line to cut the price but we ended up with PSP pricecut instead.

Should Nintendo be cutting the DS price?

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I think they should, but who am I to tell them what's right? :P

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Why the heck cut a successful products price? The 3DS is now out in Japan but in all honesty DS will continue to sell very well. Nintendo may sell what 10% less units at this price but the profits far out way the losses. I think when DS sales take a dive which will inevitably happen,that would be the time for a price cut.

Sony needs to cut the PSP's price because the PSP may over power DS once in a blue moon but with 3DS launching it doesn't have a chance. Sony needs to cut price to liquidate their stock.


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Joelcool7 said:

Why the heck cut a successful products price?

From the company's standpoint you're totally right.

But for the consumer it would be nice if the price was lower. :)

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does anyone know if the PSPs in Australia will be getting a price cut also? if so how much

plz reply someone thx

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Well, the price point between the firstblood DS family and the 3DS is already significant enough. Wait and see if the 3DS seems to sell out.

If the 3DS isn't sold out everywhere, *laughs* then keep high prices to bring more encouragement to buy the 3DS.

If the 3DS sells out all the time and DS sales sink like a rock, then dropping price would be viable.

Also, it's not ironic to drop the price on hardware that isn't in the "statistical tie" club.


Just because they do it silently doesn't mean they aren't doing it at all ;)


Didn't they stop manufacturing DS units to put more resources on manufacturing 3DS units?

The DS is still selling so well that cutting the price would be like leaving money on the table. They will cut the price when they start selling considerably less.

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because if theres a smaller price difference between ds and 3ds, people will more likely pay that extra and go for the 3ds.

if the price difference is big, theres greater chances they may just settle for a ds.