PS3 Has The Exclusives But Where Are The System Sellers?

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Without question Sony’s next gen gaming system has the games. From Little Big Planet to Motorstorm, the PS3 has a game for just about everyone. Unfortunately you could count the number of  system sellers for the console on one hand. In fact, in the system’s 4+ years on the market there has been only one PS3 exclusive with enough muscle to move hardware.

That game was Konami’s Metal Gear Solid 4. 

MGS4 was released back in 2008 selling over 700k ( not including PS3 bundles ) in it’s first month, boosting PS3 sales ( every so slightly ) from 220k during the previous month to over 405k in it’s debut month, according to NPD. MGS4 accomplished this feat during the time when the console was set at a much higher price than it is today.

Since then no other PS3 exclusive has been able to move hardware even after the system’s price tag had been lowered. I would like to think that maybe Gran Turismo 5′s release late last year helped move PS3 systems over the holiday period. Over a million PlayStation 3 systems were sold last December in North America but due to the fact that sales didn’t increase from 2009 numbers seem to indicate that GT5 didn’t have too much of an affect.  

This year Sony has a slew of AAA exclusives lined-up for their home console. In fact, there’s almost a PS3 exclusive releasing for each month of 2011, beginning with Little Big Planet 2 in January and ending with Uncharted 3 in November ( or perhaps The Last Guardian in December).

If none of the 20+ exclusive titles releasing this year can move Sony’s HD system then I’m willing to bet that a certain hotly anticipated role-playing game from Square Enix, set for a possible 2012 debut, will get the job done.



i have to agree i think the problem is lot of the system sellers of previous yrs have now goten multi resident evil, gta, driver, DVC ect... i also think that if some games where different they would of had a better chance to be a system seller for ex. ie if KZ or Resistance where TPS they could of been PS3s version of gears of war i defiantly can see Resistance selling better if it was a TPS


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I just think its really late in the game. Everyone has already bought the system for its games. Its going to take price cuts and revisions now.

MGS4 wasn't the only game to move hardware. GT5 definately boosted the PS3 hardware, especially in Europe and suprisingly, Uncharted 2 also gave a reasonable boost in console sales when it released.

I believe that God of War 3 may have boosted PS3 hardware as well but I can't remember clearly.

PS3 has system sellers, but they're so many diverse exclusives that no single game truly boosts the hardware by a huge amount like Halo or Zelda do.

I would say that GT5 was a system seller considering the PS3 maintained it's sell streak in 2010 because 2009 had the price cut.

 It's impossible to tell whats a system seller really. I bought a PS3 over a 360 because of Socom Confrontation, 15 months before it cames out in Europe and we all found out it sucked hard lol.

 I know lots of people who swear by GT5 and bought the PS3 cause of it, but bought it years before GT5 came out. Hell I know some people who bought it on the promise of Final Fantasy being exclusives lol.

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Hardly any break down issues so, there isnt many demand for rebuys.

hmm...i just know or believe FF Versus and Agent will be system sellers next year...and this year with a price cut and an Uncharted 3 tons of great exclusives PS3 will be have a happy time to...PS3 will sell better every year...believe me!

Your nYour not going to sell systems with IP's taht have alreaby been on the system, the people who wanted those IP's already got the last game for it.

Only a new IP or one that was never on the PS3 before will sell consoles.

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i think its a load of BS. people dont buy a system for just 1 game (no matter how much they like to deny it).