For what system did you buy most of your games?

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this gen , PS3 is at 71

and if you mean all time , its PS2  211 plus imports and niche games not listed on the database.

usually i buy Multiplats for whatever console i got first, but since i upgraded my PC its been PC mostly

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PS3 for me with 52 physical games and a few digital.  Tho my oldest bro has 126 PS3 games.

ps3 - 41

xbox 360 - 19

wii - 15

DS - 7

well i have bought around 30 games for my PS3 tho i have traded alot of them. i currently have 7 PS3 games and 7 PC games but my brothers have an few PS3 games. 

But basically i have cleared the shelf for the whole heap of ps3 exclusives and multiple 3rd party games 

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PS3 for both this gen and overall 

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Overall pc with 185, but most of those are pre 2002

this gen

ps3 64 / psn 39

360 21

wii 16

PS3: 25 (14 Retail, 11 PSN)

DS: 8 Games 

PC: 20 (Steam Games) 

Traded/Gifted 12 other games. 

I want to grab the wii or maybe wii 2/hd if they make it backwards compatible :)

Right now I have nine 360 games and seven PS3 games so pretty even even though I have a couple more 360 games.

I will be buying Resistance 3, Uncharted 3 and Agent for PS3 though when they all come out; but on the other hand I'll buy the 360 version of Skyrim and probably LA Noire. 


Basically I have PS3 for its exclusives, and 360 for multiplat games and online play. 

Wii about 70

PS3 about 35

xbox 360 about 12



snes or wii... i need to do a full inventory... but i'm lazy