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Everything is under 200k; and its gonna stay that way for ages.

Wii is in 3rd now and its gonna stay that way for months; even worse after 3DS launch.

Americas belongs to MS for the forseeable future and Kinect seems here to stay. Sony is in just way too many markets in EMEAA to lose ground and in Japan, it is getting a lot more software compared to the Wii. Wii is only getting 3 games in Japan for February, and all of them are on PS3 as well I believe. Software support will plummet even further (if thats possible) when 3DS drops.

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ps3 getting profusely and abundantly raped by the xbox in america. what a shame, you'd expect it to be close


Fufinu said:
Boutros said:
Fufinu said:

With Japan all three consoles will be real close. And if PS3 beats Wii in Japan, Wii will end in third this week.

Sad to see all consoles under 200k already.

Media Create numbers for this week:

PSP 30,475
PS3 23,846
Wii 14,972
DSi LL 11,555
DSi 9,954
Xbox 360 2,282
PS2 1,897
DS Lite 1,056
PSP go 136

If these figures are confirmed it will be real close up at the top!

136 PSPgo? lol, they should have just rounded off to 0.


OT, Great 360 sales. Insane considering there haven't really been any releases of note. Next box is really gonna own the U.S.

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Software up!

360 in Americas is a BeAsT!

Next Box is gonna destroy everything in Americas and win the Gen.

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It'll be another close week WW... And with good overall sales for the season too.

But specifically about America, it looks like MS secured it, its dominance on the region can't be considered a casual occurrence anymore, it keeps on happening too regularly by now. USA quite loved XB360 already, but with Kinect added to it, the love got a lot bigger.

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darkheart709 said:

everything will be crushed when 3ds comes out



darkheart709 said:

everything will be crushed when 3ds comes out

Not HD

HD ecosystem will be doing almost as good if not better than 3DS post the launch week.

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man Americas formally begging Sony for a price cut...

radiantshadow92 said:
Michael-5 said:
radiantshadow92 said:

360 is overtracked i don't care what anyone says. It nearly doubles Ps3 sales with no releases and no releases with kinect. 

PS3 nearly doubles 360 sales in EMEAA, is it overtracked there? No! It's just in Americas 360 is a domestic brand, and that helps a great deal.

BTW, games chart is still not up

What are you talking about? It doesn't nearly double it. Its only up on it by 30k.

35k last week and 360 only sell 60k. That's still over 50%, and without the bonus of being a domestic brand. 360 is not overtracked, for all we know it's undertracked in EMEAA. UK is after all the biggest region in EMEAA and they have a strong 360 preference, it's hard to believe almost  every other country prefers PS3.

BTW PS3 outsold the 360 by 57k in EMEAA, which sold 70k. The actual sales ratio between the two is 175% in Americas, 154% in EMEAA, and 987% in Japan. If PS3 can outsell 360 in Japan 10 to 1, I think it's reasonable to see the 360 outsell the PS3 2 to 1. Americans are very supportive of domestic brands.

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