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mibuokami said:

I bought a brand new PC with SLI 580GTX. 12 GB ram and 240GB ssd HDD for this game. Like many have said, Diablo = PC

lol, im going to break your heart then, the GTX590 will be releasing in a week. Also 12GBs of ram is awesome, the SSD isn't. Should have dropped the SSD size down to 60 and bought a 10kRPM HDD for storage.

But whatever your system works well. Stronger than mine by a longshot. What processor?

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Xen said:
lestatdark said:
Xen said:

Ugh... please no... Diablo is a scrictly PC game...

Actually, the PSone version played nicely. Of course, it didn't had any kind of online gameplay, but the two player Co-Op was nice. It didn't come close to the PC version, but it was a good attempt. 

DIII can be done on consoles, it just won't ever be as good as the PC version.

And the save took how many MC blocks? A whole MC if I heard correctly!


Lol, I completely forgot about memory cards. Good times.

Guys, this is Blizzard. If they do release a console version, the PC version most likely won't suffer for it. The only affect will be a later release date. We've already been waiting like 10 years for this game, so what's another 1 or 2 years? They are PC developers first and foremost, and quality is a big thing to them. They won't release a gimped PC version.

I don't care about gimpage, I just want the whole community on PC. I also upgraded just for Diablo III!

leatherhat said:
Mr Puggsly said:
leatherhat said:

Controls is a big factor- community is another- modability/ custom levels and that sort of stuff as well. Its no comparison really. 

2.If you prefer a controller over a mouse and keyboard (as many console gamers do), controls is not really a factor. They would most likely change the point and click controls to controlling the character with a joystick.

2.360 and PS3 have great online communities. Arguably the best. But no point in debating that.

3.Mods aren't relevant. The masses don't bother with them. Lack of mods didn't keep people from buying Oblivion on consoles.

4.There are a lot of 360 and PS3 owners who would love to have the game. But don't give a shit enough to play it on the PC. Not everyone has a gaming PC either.

1. It goes beyond that- the keyboard allows you to have a myriad of various hotkeys and shortcuts that enhance gameplay and ease of us. Controllers are clunky- ecspecially for this genre. 

2. Is this a joke? They are terrible. They don't even have servers. 

3. But It did keep the from playing a good game. Vanilla oblivion is very poorly crafted and without stuff like OOO and mods of that nature its just an exercise in horrible AI. 

4. Of course they will buy it- thats not the point. The point is that they will be playing  Diablo 3- gimped addition. 

1. I didn't say the controls would be superior with a gamepad, I'm just saying it would work well enough.

2. What does servers have to do with community? Big difference.

3. Oblivion wasn't a "good" game, it was a great game as is. I'm content with playing it as designed. As are most people.

4. Gimped or not, it would be the same game as was Oblivion on consoles.

If you don't want a console port, good for you. But no reason to bitch at people who do want it. Its just childish.

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hmmmm, if this is true, i would have to seriously consider buying this on a console. I dont have the $1000 plus its going to take to buy a rig that will handle this. This would also be one of only 2 or 3 games i would buy for it(not counting what i already have which isnt alot) so i question if paying thousands for one-three games would be worth it...

I also dont believe it is true. It probably means something else. some other in the thread made some suggestions(that i cant remember right now) that seem alot more likely.

ethomaz said:
leatherhat said:
1. It goes beyond that- the keyboard allows you to have a myriad of various hotkeys and shortcuts that enhance gameplay and ease of us. Controllers are clunky- ecspecially for this genre.

That not true... keyboard is better for that genre but the controllers is not bad at all... play Demon's Souls and you will goto the idea what I'm talking about.

The controllers works fine with Demon's Souls... so will work fine with Diablo III too.

Do you have any idea about how fast Diablo is compared to Demon's Souls? Compared to Diablo, Demon's Souls is extremely slow.

I hope it does because my PC needs an upgrade to play that and I want to play it so if it comes to consols I save loads of money.

leatherhat said:

Dont do it blizzard


Don't you love being an elitist jerk?

Don't do it lol. Keep consoles Blizzard free.