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patapon said:
Rainbird said:

Whatever then! I don't see how it's really overhyped though, there isn't a whole lot of hype to begin with. This is the biggest L.A. Noire thread I have seen on VGC to date. But if you can already feel the overhype, I guess you couldn't possibly be wrong.

Now that you put it that way... it isn't really hyped up. I mean the only hype we see is users (horrible ones that that) putting LA:N tags next to Guild Wars 2 (what an insult to LA: N!)

I actually feel bad for what I have said :(

At least it's not next to Patapon 3. No one on earth is hyped for it and it's still overhyped...

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whoa incredible

This game keeps on looking better and better. Loving what Rockstar is publishing. I have yet to play Red Dead Redemption. Too many games in the backlog :)


patapon said:
pezus said:
patapon said:

Oh looky here, another overated rockstar game incoming

Except it's not made by Rockstar :P


Ah, except its being fully published by rockstar, is the same kind of game they always shit out and... http://www.rockstargames.com/lanoire/

Just get back to your psp to play Patapon then, since you don't seem to care about this game! :P

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I wasn't too interested in this game till now, since next to no gameplay had previously been been shown. I have to say, I like what I'm seeing so far. I still need to see more to be completely convinced, but this is a good first start.

I didn't think much of the game up until now. This actually looks quite original and is now on my must buy list.


patapon said:

Oh looky here, another overated rockstar game incoming

Post of the decade

Rock star game = a story inspired by everyday life , open world ( OMG), guns and the ability to kill whoever you want , very good voice acting , plus additional elements to the game play ... GTAIV has boats and helicopters , RDR has horses and trains and here you look for clues and traces. for some reason their games are always "Fresh and innovative" and get 10 / 9.5 for graphics even though they lack depth and details ( compared to others games at least) ... puls HYPE.