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was watching this video before my class starts, got a laugh out of it so just sharing it with the community.



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Some of them are funny.

The one where the guy camps the treasure chest and gets blown away is the best. The two skeletons humping the air make it. The only way it could be better is if they were doing the kiss taunt- the most infuriating of all taunts. 

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Time for hype

Lol! The music makes this even funnier.

Nice video!!

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puh...after reading the thead name i thought this would be a xbox fan or something that tell us how weak this game is...but a good suprise after seeing that is just a funny video ^^

Cheesy; cool. lol

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2:00 Grenade Fail

1:15 Fall Fail

2:40 Grab Fail

Awesome video overall :D