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If we are going by quality it will have to be Naughty Dog. They have never once made a bad game.

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Insomniac and Naughty Dog

I literally grew up playing their games and haven't stopped to this day.

Actually, it sounds like fun to go play some classics right now :)

patapon said:

Japan Studios because they fucking rule.

SCEJ ? , hell effen yeah!

My favorite? Square-Enix / Tri-Ace

The best at what they do? Naughty Dog

Nintendo EAD (plus Intelligent Systems/Retro Studios)
SCE Japan (plus Polyphony Digital/Naughty Dog)

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Easily Blizzard.

Everything they do is done with extreme care and quality.

The way they work reminds me a lot of big companies like Google or Apple.

It's between Naughty Dog, Bungie and Blizzard in my opinion.

Hideo Kojima. Or Kojima Productions.

Toss-up between blizzard and valve.

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Nintendo EAD Tokyo since they've never made a bad game. Also Nintendo EAD Group 3.