Recommend any local multiplayers for 360 (4 player preferred)

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Please avoid Castle Crashers and Gears 1.

Anything out there that's worth playing that's 1v1v1v1 2v2 or even co-op?

Pixel Art can be fun.

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I Made a game with zombies in it, Call of duty 4, any Halo (except Wars). I need to think a few more....

Try Gamefly for a month and get another one free!


Perfect Dark and Hydro Thunder Hurricane.

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turtles in time, Scott Pilgrim vs. the world, that castlevania game is ok, xmen

Blur, FIFA 11 (or your sports game of choice by EA Sports or 2K), Pretty much any Call of Duty and Halo game, Worms 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 or 2, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Bomberman, Splosion Man, South Park Tower Defense

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Looks like you enjoy some RPGs.  Tales of Vesperia is 4 player (Combat only, real time though).  Can probably get it for $20-30.

Does banjo kazooie have local multiplayer? I saw someone over at a console/lan shop playing it alone and it looks quite fun.

FIFA 11 is by far the best local multiplayer game

Another good game is Borderlands, but that is 2 player co-op, not 4

Blur, Halo, Hydro Thunder and Sonic & Sega Racing are all great with four players

lost planet 2

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