DS sales pass 60 million worldwide

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In honour, I made a digg article:


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Awesome. I thought it would get over 60 million this year.

wow awesome and it deserves it such a great handheld

How many is that for this year? about 30 mil?

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Is this the fastest console to reach 60 million?

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azzer100 said:
Is this the fastest console to reach 60 million?

I think it is.

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I thought PS2 was faster. Hmm how many months has DS been out?


VGchartz has it has going quite a bit faster to the 60 million mark. I would have to say it is probably the fastest selling system ever.

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Go DS! It seems my prediction of DS hitting 61 million before the end of the year was too low. It's going to top 62,5 million atleast.