Nintendo fans, who is your favorite developer out of the following options?

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Nintendo fans, who is your favorite developer out of the following options?

Nintendo 131 100.00%


Because they provided me so many hours of raw entertainment that I can't not pick them.  Even double negatives seem great when Nintendo are involved.

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okr said:

Es scheint mir nicht so sehr, dass du die Bekehrten oder gar die Ungläubigen bekehren willst, sondern dass du geradezu zwanghaft an die Bedeutung deines Lieblings-Unternehmes erinnern musst.

Wichtigere Frage: Warum sind wir beide eigentlich immer so lange auf?

Andere tun das doch auch, ich mache es zumindest auf eine humorvolle Art, auch wenn dir dieser Humor nicht unbedingt zusagt.

Antwort auf wichtige Frage: Weil wir nicht früher schlafen gehen.

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I'd say....the second choice due to finding new ways to apply fresh coats of paint to tried and true formulas

Nintendo of course! you can't chose anything ells when Nintendo is in the list. it is like you can only see Nintendo and this list proves my point!

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

I would have said Nintendo but I didn't like Mario Galaxy

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To be honest, Nintendo is my least favourite developer on that list.  I mean, all they do is make carbon copies of the same games as the rest of those guys!

Could I trouble you for some maple syrup to go with the plate of roffles you just served up?

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Nintendo I guess

I'd have to say None of the above.

Not because I don't like Nintendo (I do), but because Nintendo isn't a developer, it's a publisher. It has development studios, but it isn't a single developer.

My favourite developer within Nintendo would probably have to be EAD group 4 - the ones that made NSMB Wii, as well as the Pikmin series... that, or EAD Tokyo, makers of the Galaxy series as well as Sunshine. Although, EAD group 3, Aonuma's group, makers of the Zelda series, come close to the top spot, too.

The poll is absolutely unnecesary for me: My default choice is Nintendo.

I blame timeless classics like the Zelda series, the Mario series, the Mario Kart series, the Metroid series, the Fire Emblem series, the Donkey Kong series, the Star Fox series, the Wii Fit series, the Kirby series and the Smash Bros. series.

????????? well imma say........nin...bandai