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haxxiy said:
Beuli2 said:
haxxiy said:

It's exactly like Pachter said.

The 3D screens are difficult to produce, at least while there still isn't many factories and a demand driving them. I doubt Nintendo can produce more than 1m or so 3DS per month.

So yes, it will be sold out for quite some time. Probably two years or so. Be prepared to pre-order or to pay $1000 on e-bay...

Exactly the time I need to get a job and buy one myself. Yay?

I heard Nintendo expect people to get two jobs in order to pay for the 3DS and it's games.

I'll have to work harded, thinking about how getting such delightfull machine as the 3DS will fullfill my life. Too bad I still have two years of high school.

Above: still the best game of the year.

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greenmedic88 said:
RolStoppable said:

This looks like they are going to send out only the bare minimum and then kick off the new fiscal year with some big numbers, kinda like that Wii stockpiling in 2008 when March was moderate and then April (GTA IV month) sent shockwaves through the industry and internet. Those were some epic meltdowns.

This is most likely exactly what Nintendo is planning on doing. The only question I have is why they didn't simply launch the product at the start of the new fiscal year unless they're planning on letting media coverage of the "extreme shortages" and subsequent sell outs help market and build the 3DS name as regular supplies are released to retail.

It's because of their fiscal year projection. They planned to release the system around christmas but it looks like the 3D screen is really hard to manufacture (ever wondered why the blue 3DS has got a black 3D screen?). I doubt they want to create shortages on purpose. But imagine if they pushed the 3DS back to next fiscal year. They already had to lower their DS / Wii forecasts. There would be no way to tell investors their new machine has been delayed into the next fiscal year. Also third parties are prepared to launch their games before April so a later launch would affect their fiscal year results as well. Hope that helped

UncleScrooge said:

ever wondered why the blue 3DS has got a black 3D screen?

It's for the 3D effect.  Anything that "pops" needs black behind it for the illusion to work.

That means that there is going to be a fuck load of excess demand, which means I'll be less likely to get one on launch date.

I managed it with the Wii, so I've got my fingers crossed


Microsoft has paid them (insert insane amount of money) to do this, on order to keep Kinect the fastest selling Gadget

/conspiracy off



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Iwata is insane, it will pull wii numbers on launch, or the original DS Launch numbers

jarrod said:

UncleScrooge said:

ever wondered why the blue 3DS has got a black 3D screen?

It's for the 3D effect.  Anything that "pops" needs black behind it for the illusion to work.

Oh man that's bad. So we'll never get a white 3DS (well... not a proper one). My girlfriend won't like that

I stupidly assumed it was because of some sort of production issue (although it sounds strange they'd only have one color for the screen)

I wonder how much I'll get for my DSL and a few games... *looks around room for anything else to sell*

They seem to know what they are doing, so whatever. Everyone said "They should lower the price of the wii" But they knew sales would be stellar after a few months below the other guys. THe took a gamble on the Wii controls and the DS touch screen and won. Ofcourse the gamecube was kind of quirky as well and we all know what happened with that one. Basically they are making billions upon billions each year still, but investors want to see growth. So this will but a nice zinger on the year! Yeah! Buy more stock!

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I'm betting there'll be a big shipment in April. Plus, the EU/NA launches will be in the latter half of March, which makes that 2.5million left between those two markets reasonable, as far as I'm concerned. Who's to say they won't have another 4 million shipped in April? :P