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Good day (I know, the Topic Creator is a big shock )

That bit out of the way, I want to have a little fun. As long as I've been here, it's crazy that I've yet to do this. Fans of both the Silent Hill series and HEAVY RAIN are invited! I want you guys to come, discuss all the good things these two IPs have done to the industry (literally, nothing bad please. Thanks). How have they helped shape the industry, what were your favorite title(s) (in Silent Hill's case). Name your favorite ogame from either IP and what it did for you.

Remember, all in fun. Let's keep it completely positive, on topic, and interesting (and even informative).





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With the recent news of Silent Hill: Downpour, they basically forced me to now compare the two!


expecta  cameo from Norman Jayden as the FBI agent trying to figure out the secrets of Silent Hill.

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I would buy that.

this is exactly what i thought when i seen title of the game

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old Silent Hills > Heavy Rain > new Silent Hills

I loved the first two silent hills a lot, the rest not so much.

And heavy rain was ok.

Guys, tell about what game(s) are your faves in either the SH series, or HR. Don't say what's better/worse, but what and why certain titles are you favorites.


Are they the American covers? Not saying if they are better or worse, but I'm really surprised by the difference between them and the UK/European covers. It's like they try to squeeze as many people in the front cover as they can in the American ones, a bit like movie posters.

My favourite of those is from the Heavy Rain series.  It's called Heavy Rain.

Could I trouble you for some maple syrup to go with the plate of roffles you just served up?

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thekitchensink said:

My favourite of those is from the Heavy Rain series.  It's called Heavy Rain.

That's a start!

Now what was it you liked?