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What should Retro do next?

Metroid 17 16.83%
Donkey Kong 17 16.83%
Other IP 29 28.71%
New IP 38 37.62%

New IP for sure

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The game Donkey Kong should have had a long time ago. A full scale 3D platformer just like DK64.

Please no more DKC. It was nice to see a revival for fans of the series like me but another one wouldn't be welcomed.

It'd make absolutely no sense for another Donkey Kong Country Returns because it's going to be an evergreen title much like the Wii series, Mario Kart and New Super Mario Bros. Wii.. 

Whatever Retro do next is going to be something different to what they've done in the past, i.e. NOT Metroid and NOT Donkey Kong. 


Oh geez..that's a hard one <_<

I would LOVE to see another DKC (no please not another boring DKC64!) with more revisited worlds and characters (I missed the Crocs :( ).

But after the Other M fiasco, I would like to see a 2D metroid in the way it should have been WITHOUT SAKAMOTO'S FETISHES.

But I agree with the ones that say that they have earned the right to create a new brand IP. Maybe a fighting game or an Multiplayer RPG?

Is ist hard for them to work in to 2 projects at the same time?

STAR FOX...with Custom Robo Arwing BATTLE SUITS!!!

For one 3-minute fight.

Battle Clash, 3rd person shooter this time, T-rated

F-Zero...featuring MACH RIDER!!!

In order of importance: 70%, 20%, 10%

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I'd really like to see a Retro made Eternal Darkness 2 with Vitality Sensor support.

That, or something completely new.

Starfox!! or it could be F-Zero, both franchises could be well developted by Retro

But some new IP would be fresh and Nintendo needs new ones

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Rainbow Yoshi said:

I think they should revive the F-Zero franchise, we can't allow Captain Falcon to hide away as "Falcon...Punch!!!" man.

No more rivals! We need a new core franchise! 



My order in what I would like to see form them..


1. New IP

2. Star Fox

3. F-Zero

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I think that they will make a new IP for release shortly after the release of the Wii's successor.  I imagine that they will make a Western styled game, but it will retain that 'Nintendo feeling'