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i know this is old but idc i just heard about it the other day.  do you guys think he had the right to kick his ass or that he should have kept his cool


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He has the right to kick ANY ass.

It's been a while since I've heard anything about Epic beard man. At first I thought he was cool, then I found that he couldn't keep even the most simplest of stories straight in subsequent interviews, then I found that he had some serious issues on top of all that (drugs, etc...). In the end the guy just came off as a jerk.

he had the right, that beard man moved to the front and the black guy went to the front to start something so he deserved it. And lol at the black women shouting for him to beat his white ass.

Yeah, he had every right. Because he avoided the confrontation and then the other guy followed him wanting to start something.

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Of course he had every right to defend himself. The other dude threw a punch at epic beard man first.

I thought you meant this guy. This guy is a champ. A beard champ.

theprof00 said:

I thought you meant this guy. This guy is a champ. A beard champ.

I was showing this to the guys at work the other day! That is truly an epic beard.

OT: EBM is a dick but even dicks have the right to beat the piss out of people that punch them.