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Predict the system sales for all systems in 2011. This includes sales from January 2011 to December 2011 and also counts next week...the week ending January 1st. Also feel free to predict sales of the PSP2 but I won't as I don't know what it is yet!


PSP__5 Million

DS__18.3 Million

3DS__20.5 Million

Home Systems

XBox 360__14 Million

PS3__15.4 Million

Wii__21.8 Million


What do you think?

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What makes you think wii will do 21.8M, I reckon it will do about 14M, hence topping 98M end of year and DS will do about 16M,doing 160M end of year. 3DS will do like 11M.

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X360: 14.2m

PS3: 14.9m

Wii: 16.1m

PS3 15.8 mil

X360 13.4 mil

Wii with a price cut 20 mil

Wii without 16 mil

3DS 11.5 mil

DS 16.5 mil

PSP *put prediction here*


14 million 360

13 Million PS3

19 million Wii

 Next Gen 

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psrock said:


14 million 360

13 Million PS3

19 million Wii

Why would PS3 be down YoY?

PS3 - 16.5 Million

Wii - 16 Million

XBox360 - 13.5 Million

Wii 17

PS3 17

360 13


dont care for handhelds

probably be off for ps3 more like 15...16 tops but wth

im also gettin tired of the wii selling so much its probably going to beat my 17M by quite some but again wth

isnt ever going to reach saturation in NA and EU? and most its sales are not rebuys so its pretty shocking that it has sold as much as it did these last 2 months

doubt a 360 price cut will boost it much it had so many deals this year its not even funny and it even has another one of those gift card deals at a big retailer again for this or next week, so those who wanted one with a HDD for $200-250 must of already bought one recently

i believe that most of its sales where for the new features of its HW redesign more than its price and that redesign will have worn off by summer time 2011

i feel that ps3 price is really hurting it b/c its cheapest sku is still $299 and its holiday SW was lacking with only like GT5 but that problem may be solved next holidays or maybe even for all of next year


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Hmm, let's see. We still have to be prepared to edit this if/when post holiday adjustments come in, but here's a preliminary idea;

DS: 15 million, netting a 160 million year end total.

PSP: 5 million, netting a year end total of around 70 million (let's not forget that even the PS2 still sells a few million a year).

Wii: 16.5 million, netting a year end total of around 101 million.

360: 12.5 million, netting a year end total of around 63 million.

PS3: 14 million, netting a year end total of around 59 million.

Will edit as adjustments come in, might be significant in showing trends and potential sales throughout the year.

End of 2016 hardware sales:

Wii U: 15 million. PS4: 54 million. One: 30 million. 3DS: 64.8 million. PSVita: 15.2 million.

Wii: 18

PS3: 14

360: 15

DS: 18

PSP: 4

3DS: 16

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