Is DC Universe Online cross platform? PC/PS3?

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I'm not if this has been confirmed or shot down.  I thought they were trying to do this though.  I know more people on PS3 getting this game, but it seems MMOs do better on PC.  I'm leaning toward getting the PS3 version.

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Yes. It is for PS3/PC only. It will never be on another console as it is developed and published by Sony themselves.

i don't think he means that lol.. Hes asking if PC and PS3 players are able to play with each other

Am assuming it is but not entirely sure

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I believe that because its being developed by Sony Online Entertainment which is now under SCE (or is SCE now) they will use SCE global server farms for the PS2/PS3 (yes PS2 servers are still running for those interested) so you would think it would be cross platform. 

Of Course That's Just My Opinion, I Could Be Wrong


watch the gamespot videos.