3D with glasses doesn't seem to like me. What is the answer?

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Vetteman94 said:
richardhutnik said:
Vetteman94 said:

Is there a way to put them on the inside of your regular glasses?

Ugh, try that and get blurriness still. Might be the nature of the glasses the movie theater passes out don't work well with my glasses.

Could be, I dont know what to tell you.   Dont they make a liquid that you spray on glasses that is supposed to fill the small scratches?  I thought I saw something like that in a store somewhere

Hey, if anyone knows what this is, please let me know. I would be up for it.

Also, the 3DS is promisng for the 3D without glasses, but it still doesn't address the issue of seeing Tron: Legacy, in the theater.

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hmm I never had problem with 3D glasses over my glasses...

Yo Dawg , Ask Xzibit , he knows how to put things over things, so you can do things while doing things.

I was at the cinema the other day for Tron, I don't usually wear glasses but my eyes are damn pretty bad and i do have glasses. So i was at the cinema watching it in 3D, Note that i always wear my glasses when am watching TV or at the cinema, I usually sit in the middle, So during the movie i must have tested to see how clear i could see the movie without my glasses on but with the 3D glasses on, It was damn blurry! It doesn't mess up the effect at all, I suggest you clean your glasses both side and then put the 3d glasses over it

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