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Family And Friends On Pachter: He Should Get Help

Okay, even if it isn't real, it's worth a read.

Many gamers often harp on analysts like Michael Pachter, who are often quoted on a weekly basis. Most comments on game sites and in forums go something like, "yeah, I can talk common sense, too." So now,GamesRadar does a piece about how "concerned friends and family" of Pachter have begged him to get some help...and get a "real job." According to "the source:"

"I was surprised when I discovered he was still doing this. It was just me and him and a few friends, nothing big. We’d talk about games, make little predictions... a bet here, a bet there, and occasionally he'd be right, or at least close.

But then someone quoted him on the internet. It was nice at first, it made him feel good, but we couldn’t have known how it would spiral out of control. Now he’s arguing with bloggers on VH1... People even started taking investment advice from him, and eventually he thought it was his job. But we all know it just isn’t a job. We just want him to get help."

The article goes on to cite a "Harvard study" where "industry analyst" was in the top three of the most "common fictitious jobs" (along with direct marketing entrepreneur and artist). It's pretty darn funny, really. Sometimes, it really does seem as if analysts are simply looking at the numbers and market conditions, and drawing predictable conclusions.

But even so, it'll be interesting to hear Pachter's response to this. We hope he's a good sport.

12/14/2010 9:19:09 PM Ben Dutka


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Above: still the best game of the year.

I lold!

This would explain so much. I believe it because I want to!


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You know... to some extent... this is probably true.   The games media have made this guy into some sort of prophet (despite the fact he's notoriously wrong most of the time) and he's probably started to believe it too.


Looks to me he's a nut case.  And as often as he's been wrong, I'd be VERY cautious when you use his numbers to support yours because your numbers and methodology  are probably off as well.

SO all those times I've joked that he forgot his pills again were actually true?

makes sense


NOW A PUNISHER CAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I should have thought about it this way earlier.


I wouldn't be surprised if this in fact was true, becouse this guy just from nowhere pops and starts  be nr 1 analyst of the industry but most of the time his predictions were wrong and now i see this. so that would explain patcher background story xd