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At first I thought this was a joke about a luxury cruise advertisement on Mona Lisa...

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was he trying to warn us of the illuminati !!

hidden advertising is hidden.

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I'm pretty sure once they've finally deciphered it, it'll say 'Nintendo iz d0med!'

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darthdevidem01 said:
iLLmaticV3 said:

Epic, if its true and we find out what it all means! :O

Speculation on forums accross the net say it has something to do with 2012........ D:

Maybe he knew he was going to be in Assassin's Creed 3 :)

great, more fuel for the "0h n0ez, 2012!" fire.....

or this could be something really awsome, like a treasure map, or a code to unlock the secret of the universe.....

or win a luxery cruise...


Damnit, I was beat to it!


Was hoping to make the first Assassins Creed reference

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@whoever wins the cruise, can i come too? :3

@Darth... didnt that dude use his noggin and come up with the amazing result that "LV" COULD MAYBE stand for "Leonardo da Vinci".


i mean, probably not though. since you know, mystery n all that. lets just please forbid M. Night Shymamamamamlalalalama from ever making a movie about this. evvver.

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how the hell does this point to 2012? :p