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I'd like to introduce a new feature that's going to debut on gamrFeed soon: The Featured Game Room. Each week, I'll browse this thread for original, creative, innovative, well-constructed game rooms and highlight one. I'll then get some more pics, interview the owner of the game room, and write it up as a feature on gamrFeed.

The rules:

Post no more than two pictures, each no wider than 540 pixels. This is to keep from bogging down our servers. Make those two pictures count! Winners will be asked for more pictures if they are featured.

Links to external photo hosting is encouraged and not limited to 2 photographs.

Submit your pictures only once, repeat submissions will be ignored. The exception, of course, is if you make a drastic change to your game room or in fact have more than one game room.

Please limit this thread to submissions only, feel free to create a discussion thread elsewhere.