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All right, so this morning I wake up to my mom telling me to fix this computer virus.

It turns out, it's that system tool spyware shit. And I can't remove it!

I've already tried to start windows on save mode (with networking) but it fails everytime. I tried to run msconfig to fix that, but system tools just tells me it's infected and blocks it.

I try to download various things to delete it (spyhunter, malwarebytes, etc) but whe I try to run them System Tools blocks that shit too. I know thy will work under save mode, but that shit just doesn't run! I don't get this!

Google searching just give me the same processes over and over. Most of them including save move.

Someone help me, please. There are a bunch of pop ups, telling me to buy their crap, and what's worse is my computer already crashed once. It'll probably happen again.

Thank you in advance, anyone.

^ A picture of of it, if it helps anyone know what it is.

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It's a virus, getting rid of it is a real pain in the ass.

^ No shit >_>

All right, so I got some progreess. I rebooted my PC, and as soon as I did (before the system tool pop-ups opened) I opened task managr and just ended the process of anything that had random number and letters. I think I got it, 'cause no pop-ups showed up.

Now I closed it, so I'm free to open anything I need.

I just hope I didn't close anythign in the process of that random clicking.

This is a freakin' learning process.

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Uninstall Windows

Install Ubuntu

Forget about that hilarious myth called "Virus"

Ending random processes is what I would have suggested, glad it worked. Run all those tools again and try Microsoft Security Essentials if you haven't already.

Otherwise.. copy all the data you want to keep and reinstall. Sorry.

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boot into safe mode with networking, try installing spybot search and destroy and avast then do boot scans and just delete everything they detect then you'll have a semi working machine at least.

My dell has something similar



When you can finally get the antivirus, start a bootime scan before it can act.

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Now I'm just trying to figure out how to completely erase it. If that's possible. 

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I'm not too sure if that is the same virus, but there was one that was similar that also acted as a keylogger.  It asked you to buy their software to get rid of the virus, and enter your credit card info etc.  It also tracked everything you typed while it was active.

So until you have gotten rid of the thing, do not log into any banking site, paypal, credit card stuff, etc...

Definitely recommend Microsoft Security Essentials and MalwareBytes.

Good Luck