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Nsanity said:

Nintendo DS: 1.5 Million (-11.8%)
Xbox 360: 1.4 Million ( 70.8%)
Wii: 1.2 Million (-4.8%)
PS3: 530k


1M less than 360 , ps3 is so doomed in US.

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Immortal said:

Oh, and Wii is UP YOY FOR NOVEMBER! It's 1.27m according to Bloomberg!

Wow, that's just nuts!

lol @ ps3

postofficebuddy said:
  EEDAR Wedbush (Pachter) VGC Actual
DS 1400k 1425k 1347k  1500k
360 1000k 1075k 1072k  1370k
Wii 1100k 975k 1055k  1270k
PS3 700k 650k 663k  530k
PSP 200k 190k 161k  

Pachter almost sweeps.

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Music/Dance genre increased 38% in unit sales over last November fueled by Just Dance 2 and Dance Central

Just want to play good games

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PS3 needs to pick up in NA soon..EMEAA and JP is not enough at this point

Great numbers for 360, DS, Wii

Great SW numbers for all

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Ahh so this explains why Sony announced Uncharted 3 today. They needed some positive PR cause they knew they bombed this month.

LOL PS3 OVERtracked thats sad numbers in USA for PS3 just sad.

Unbelivable... PS3 is doomed.


*People that aren't interestng in gaming bought a cheap Blu Ray player instead of a PS3

*Move isn't a system seller after all.

*Can I have PSP numbers .... please, with sugar on top.