Why is it that Puzzle Quest never got any love?

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I just saw this in the clearance bin at my local Target and passed on it. I don't think the box art conveys what the game is very well. Looking at the stills on the back cover it pretty much looks like a Columns knock off.

I thought about it for awhile, but passed since I'm just now getting into Picross DS which I grabbed off eBay last week for $10.

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I enjoyed it, I think it probably made enough money that we'll see a sequel shortly, the game probably didn't cost a lot to develop.

Ok, so clearly I need to rephrase my post since obviously Puzzle Quest gets some love on this board :)

The only teeth strong enough to eat other teeth.

Best puzzle game in years (and i play many of them).

There is a sequal coming and it is going to be called Galactrix.

I played it at my best friends house and immediately picked it up on XBL.