Why is it that Puzzle Quest never got any love?

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Saw it for $30 today at bestbuy. I played the XBLA version and found it to be quite fun for $15.

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meh. There are plenty of even better games with much lower sales to worry about this one =) I played it for a bit, and couldn't really get into it.

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i think the answer is awareness. i didn't know it existed until penny arcade wrote about it and brought it back from the dead. it was a good game thought.

For such a low profile game, the site's number may not be that accurate. No matter what, the game did well and has been ported to almost everything know to man since its debut to great sales on the DS and decent ones on the PSP. And I agree with the Stick that you can add another 100K+ to the sales for Live. And don't forget the PC version...

(For those looking for a holiday bargain in the US, you can get the DS version of the game at Target for $15... half what it debuted at!)

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Rubang B said:
Flash-esque puzzle game

 Maybe that is why it doesn't get any love. Gamers generally don't pay for flash titles.

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its not really flash-esque, I think its just missing its target market with the sword n sorcerer front end. I dont think the casual/girl/parent is turned on by this, even though the game would be probably be ideal for them.

I played it myself, right through to the end and I do think its a great game, although a 1player puzzle game that lasts as long as this one will undoubtedly grow tiring.

In my opinion it does have pretty great sales for what it is. Isn't there talk of a sequal? They probably made a nice bit of cash from it.

The only thing that would make the game better would be a more involved story... so hopefully if there is a sequal that little bit will be taken care of.

I picked up the PS2 version for $20.

I could not see paying an extra ten-spot for the Wii version. Someome tell me if I was right or wrong, please.

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they had this game for $15 bucks at the target near my house. i was really tempted to buy it since it had really solid reviews on the psp and the ds versionbut instead i got ME. i think i will get it eventually on my psp but right now i'm too busy playing FF:Tactics

it needed more work to become legendary, but it is awesome. a puzzle rpg. it just totally rocked my socks.

if they balance the sequel than it could be one of my favorite games of all time. the multiplayer in this game is slighty stupid because either one person owns or it takes forever to win.

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