Name the game that is on a console you DONT own that will drive you to buy

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ME intrigued me for a while...not anymore cuz it's going multi

Besides my uni has a game room with plenty of 360s and Wii's....no need to buy one for a game or two

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I want to buy a 360 just soley for Gears 3 other than that none really cause I already finished Gears 1-2,metro and I already have Masseffects.

Only thing I dont have is 360 and since ME is going multi then nothing really, my friends wiht 360 are getting Gears 3 and Limbo is the only game that i wanna play but no way in hell im I buying a console for a DL game

Ugh only one I don't own is the PSP, and well there isn't much on the system that would really drive me to get it.  Few games I would like to play, but not enough to buy it.

Guess that would leave the 3DS.  One game for that would probably be Ocarina of Time remake.  

Paper mario for 3ds. I don't like playing on a handheld but it seems nintendo is forcing me to buy one this time.

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I'll probably buy a DS eventually for Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts. 

There's nothing on the Wii I want and that's the only other console I don't directly own (family has one, but not me personally). 

It will probley be a 64 with Zelda Golden Eye Rouge Squardron ect. I never grow up with one as i was born in the 90's and most of the 360 games i could get on PC that i would want.


Since I own all of the consoles....I'll go with Kid Icarus from the 3DS because I dont own one and that'll be a game that drives me to buy one. :P

Last Story is more or less the only game that has a chance of doing this for me, and I'm pretty sure it won't push me over the edge.

Tales of Vesperia. It is technically on the PS3 but it isn't in english. The english version of it is on the Xbox 360 but it is a very inferior version missing a lot of content as compared to the PS3 version.