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Do NOT buy Cataclysm!

Blizzard get no money! 47 52.81%
:'( Blizzard get money.. 42 47.19%

i love blizzard but hate activision. i play dota to this day dont take about blizzard that day or else i will damage your cars in gt5.

Being in 3rd place never felt so good

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Snesboy said:
Bladeneo said:
Snesboy said:

You do realize Activision gets no profits from what Blizzard makes off WoW. Right? No? Figures. Stupid console gamers.

I'd like to know how a company doesn't receive the profits it makes off its own games. 

Activision doesn't make Blizzard's games. Blizzard doesn't make Activision's "games".

They're the same company, that's like saying Sony doesn't make money from the Sony Electronics Division, Activision-Blizzard isn't some kind of weird relationship where Blizzard keep all their cash but lose their soul. 

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I with you, my stupid cousin became a fan of "lifeless" wow games and sadly he's getting that lifeless expansion pack... he change a lot, in a bad way! Try to stop him from playing but he won't care/listen and he's 2 older brothers doesn't give a damn about he's pathetic addiction...

Fuck you blizzard, you're fucking up my cousin life

bugrimmar said:

Boycott WoW.. please! They are making far too much money and that funds Activision's nonsense sequels year after year! They are also responsible for the death of so many brains out there and the loss of so many lives! Down with WoW!

I think i lost more brain cells reading your post than I ever did playing Wow........

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Barozi said:

Of course I won't buy Cataclysm. Why should I voluntarily get one of the most boring games of 2010 ?

Boring yet you have Assassins Creed avatar?   0_o   to each his own I guess. 

Yeah, resist getting back into this. Just fuckin' try it~!

... But seriously, don't boycott Blizzard games just to get at Activision. If Blizz is the only thing keeping them alive, they won't be operating the same way forever.

Smashed said:

I'm buying it after my cheque comes in this week.

Regardless of what you say about it, WoW will not die. It will probably be one of the largest longest lasting games in history.

It will last quite some time for sure,  but it's already getting dated and many aspects of it are getting stale with little room to expand without distancing long time members of the game / discouraging new comers.  

Honestly though, all it will take is a new batch of MMOs (With similiar/ more features, better graphics).   Once this happens the beginning of the end will occur for WoW.    It's already reached stagnance in terms of 'new' users.   It won't be long until you see numbers dwindle. 12 million currently,  probably will dip to 10 million within a year and a half or so.     It will have a hardcore following for several years though and maintain profitability for Acitivison for many years to come.

For now though, it remains as by far the best MMO with the most fun, addictive features and vibrant community.  I'll be enjoying the grind to 85 on all my characters and the subsequent gear, raids, PvP, new instances. 

SmokedHostage said:

People have the right to play what the hell they want.  Even if it means Activision stays in the green, fans of WoW should be able to enjoy what they enjoy.



wow you just noticed that? , actually i am going to get it (along with Black Ops and Golden Eye) and i'm a HUGE niche game supporter.

i say boycott Farmville, atleast Activison makes GAMES not meaningless clicking-fest.