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Do NOT buy Cataclysm!

Blizzard get no money! 47 52.81%
:'( Blizzard get money.. 42 47.19%
bugrimmar said:

well whatever it is, i hate the company. they are a threat to the survival of the human race.

You are my idol (NO SARCASM)

I'm with you 100%........time for the torches, time to end them. Come on people, let's DESTROY THEM before they destroy us.



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Activision makes amazing games. That's all that matters to me.

Boutros said:

Activision makes amazing games. That's all that matters to me.

Tony Hawk Shred would like a word with you.

Pixel Art can be fun.



Gosh I hate you haters! :P

Snesboy said:

You do realize Activision gets no profits from what Blizzard makes off WoW. Right? No? Figures. Stupid console gamers.

I'd like to know how a company doesn't receive the profits it makes off its own games. 

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I love Call of Duty.

Sure, I'll boycott WoW, but Diablo 3... not a chance.

From what I hear, Cataclysm is basically the shit.

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are you truly sure you want your soul to be possessed by blizzard for another 5 years? do you want to be a zombie who doesn't shower/go out of the house for 36 hours straight just to kill a virtual dragon that can't even render circles?

how about boycott activisions poor quality games like Call of Duty

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