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1 day after Christmas ..... Classy.

But I didn’t want to report on anything until I had a second source. That second source just came in. Noel, another reader emailed me today to let me know that a GameStop employee told him that the Nintendo 3DS will be “available for preorder on December 26th.” Seeing as these are two isolated accounts echoing the same information, I say we can expect for GameStop preorders to begin on the 26th.


Remember it's a rumor.

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I haven't herd about it =p

Hopefully truth... But I want to preorder a bundle for the 3DS... Ocarina bundle ;)... can dream!!


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This would be quite acceptable. Any date that i'm at home and can make the preorder in person is a win in my book

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I think I am going to skip the 3DS generation.  I skip every other handheld generation.  Now that I have an Iphone I don't think I have a need for a handheld ever again. 



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Makes sense, you'll have a lot of kids with Christmas cash to burn.

Potentially the best pre-order date ever?

I think so.

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I really hope the European date is Boxing day as well

lol I already have mine pre-ordered. (Rubs it in)!


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