Have you ever killed a slug with salt?

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d21lewis said:

they are given 30 kid virgins to serve them in kid heaven!!

Its not like she knows what to do with them.


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hallowedbeeddie said:

I do it many times :( there are so many, frog however I´ve never hurt. I love them.

slugs spread disieses so that´s why I´ve killed them. A small child once ate one playing and she died. they are dangerous to small children. and I have a 4 year old niece. so yes I kill them with a lot of salt. 

I lthink the only way to know how they must feel is if like you spread salt in an open wound, just that instead a of wound its in the whole body, that´s why they die. 

edit: I don´t enjoy it, but they are dangerous, just like roaches, flies, and rats. I don´t kill anything else

Do you have to kill them with salt? Maybe you could cut the head off or something.

Turns out Salt is more dangerous than we thought.

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Insects are animals too.... 

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dsister said:

Insects are animals too.... 

Edit: Where'd that second page come from? >.>

Doesn't change the fact that several of them are parasites like the infamous mosquito.


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Nope, I've seen a giant one exploded once though.

Pixel Art can be fun.

I did once.

It was actually kinda gross and depressing. It foams up and eventually stops moving.

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i do it with both slugs and snails... and when i was living back in jamaica i did it to frogs

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SmokedHostage said:

Nope, I've seen a giant one exploded once though.

In a movie?

Above: still the best game of the year.

Ugh, they are not insects.
And they don't deserve to live as humans, wtf?!

Still, torturing and pointlessly killing them is kind of bleh. Maybe they can be eaten like snails can though?
I keep seeing some squashed ones in the park, joggers don't notice them at dawn, and squashy things should stay in the grass anyway.