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I'm glad I'm not the only one who had problems with this piece. I wanted to make some comments on it but didn't want to come across as rude. The research on this piece is just so vague that it is almost useless. The research might actually be good, it is just defined so broadly that the piece seems incredibly subjective. Examples are the sections on offensiveness and editorializing. There is not even a definition or discussion of what qualifies an article as being editorialized.

Even the section on coverage could be inaccurate as defined. The piece does not say what classifies an article as covering Nintendo or Microsoft. It is easy to see how an article could be covering EA and Microsft or Nintendo at the same time if EA is making a game for either company's system. The coverage section just seems to ignore the fact that an article can cover more than one topic, and coverage of EA is not opposed to coverage of NIntendo or Microsoft. Those are just some of my issues with the piece. I think the author is touching on some good issues, it just comes across as being poorly researched and poorly explained. 

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It was funny to read author attacking Kotaku for non gaming news when that's precisely what characterises their blog as diffrent from milions of other like this.


 Whoever wrote VGC's article doesn't seem to realise that Kotaku arn't game journalists...

The news section.  Our greatest weakness.

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I still think the author has a point, even if it comes across poorly, and with poor chosen targets. Many actual gaming news sites are not up to speed on their content, and tend towards sensationalism and/or sexism and/or other things in some pieces. I have read pieces like that on VGC before, although I rarely read up on news here anymore, so it's hard to tell if it still happens.

But poking at blogs is the wrong way to do it, even if the people behind them come off as "reporters". 

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d21lewis said:

The news section.  Our greatest weakness.

We must cast it to the eternal fire!

Wow, I didn't know the 360 could read news on the internet... let alone respond to them!



A banner stolen from some site xD

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Helpful reply, that... mainly because it shows me what NOT to do.

like no kidding. I saw the article heading when I typed in vgchartz.com (to get to here) and I just rolled my eyes a thought "Well ain't this irony"

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kowenicki said:

I agree with every word of this response.


The editorial's disclaimer gives me the freedom to agree with you.

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