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So when Mass Effect 2 came out earlier this year, I beat it twice in about 2 weeks, and got all the achievements, but I haven't touched it since.

So I don't have any of the DLC, but I do want to play it, so should I just get the PS3 version?

I know it will work out more expensive, but are the extra add ons enough to make it worth paying the extra; I would certainly not mind another playthrough (though the first half an insanity playthrough might be a little annoying...)

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how much can you sell it for? Not much can you? The ps3 I think is releasing at 60 dollars though I could be wrong.

New copies are selling for 20 bucks now. Atleast here. So unless you Ebay not sure you can get a lot for it.

I played it on the PC. so, I'm not going to play the PS3 version but.

The best download Content is Overlord and Shadow broker. That will cost you about 14 USD... I think not sure what the price is if you're not in U.S.

I'd just buy those 2 DLC and kasumi if you really want an extra character if you don't plan to use her don't buy this... the second play throughs are fun I played in Hardcore both times. I started to play Though insanity and I don't really like it, because I feel they just upped the HP too much. Not their strategy. And it feels like I'm wasting time shooting a sponge.

Also the PS3 version could have technical issues as some ports have. Though that obviously is unknown at this point

My advice is to just wait until you want to play it again. I'm not sure how much more this game will go down in price so I don't think the trade in value will get hurt much more.

I have no plans to sell ME 2 for the 360, that would ruin my collection (esp as I have the CE) and I already have ME 1 on 360 twice

The technical issues for PS3 might be an issue, especially as it UE 3, so I will probably wait for reviews, I just can't be bothered to get all the DLC for the 360 version, as if I get one, I have to get them all for achievement completion

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