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Necromunda said:

Oh well I personally have a wide variety. Just tell me what you'd like.

I deal in various:




Bust Size

Ass Size

Cuteness Rating

Levels of Kinkyness



Wait a second..... OH SHIT, You want a GRILL. Yeah okay, ignore everything I've said in this post. It was all a joke, tee hee, haha, and whatnot... Uh... Yeah. *Whistles and slowly leaves the thread*

Post the price for auction

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flagship said:
BHR-3 said:

i owned all types of grills

there hard to find here now b/c of the time, best time to get one is around august b/c most stores put them on sale end of summer

George Foremen is the best its small portable easy to clean and cook on and imo healthiest

the old fashion charcoal ones take some experience to cook on you got to constantly monitor it, also has issues with hydrocarbons and carcinogenic compounds but they can be reduced or eliminated with natural charcoal brands and avoiding fat from dripping on to the coals, but they make food taste the best

the propane ones also have the same health issues as the charcoal ones but most all now dont use any type of charcoal or even briquettes so its basically just heat warming up the cooking grid they are also hard and more time consuming to clean b/c of the numerous protective heat shields below your food


all in all i can see why you want to buy one other than the GF there this whole manly feeling when setting up your grill and using it compared to a gf or oven ect. but in reality your food wont taste marginally better on the other 2 types and that feeling quickly dies out when you relies the dangers and having to put more time and effort to clean them

1. The non-stick coating on a George Forman Grill is much worse for you than charred meat when it starts to chip and peel off on your food. 

2. A George Forman Grill can char meat just as easily as a gas grill, what do you think those nice lines in your hot dogs, burger and chicken are?  The  important part is to coat the grill and meat in oil and make sure to not overcook meat to reduce the carcinogens.

3. If you can't make food taste significantly better with a real grill you do not know how to grill.

hmm, we don't have to clean our grill at all...you have to clean your foreman?...that stinks

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Kasz216 said:

George Forman grills just aren't the same.


I had one because I thought "Wow I can make grilled burgers all the time!"  Used it for about a half a year... then never used it again.

Just isn't the same.

I'd compare it to the difference between putting food in the oven and putting it in the microwave.


You have both options, but oven tastes better.

Yeah, the George Foreman Grill was nice when I lived in an apartment and had no real kitchem or room for an actual grill, but it's not the same.  It gets the job done but there are just so many things it can't do that a traditional grill can.

The electric grills like the GFG only use direct heat while traditional grills use direct and indirect heat.