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just as the title says, "who's hyped for golden sun dark dawn?"

in a little less than 24 hours, golden sun dark dawn will grace the shores of NA(does it come that same day in EU?) bringing my 7 year wait to an end. Golden Sun DD has been my most anticipated/wanted game for 2010, also it's nice to see Nintedo marketing this game(well..it was show twice at E3, so I guess it was obvious) and I just wanted to know who else is hyped for this game. I was planning on making an official thread but I didn't want any spoilers to be revealed to me.(more than I already know)

Nintendo has it's own website for GS:DD

also here's the commercial

not the greatest commercial, but it's something....

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I sure am hyped, here in Europe it comes out on the 10th btw.

I loved the first two and I'm sure I will love this too, the 92% from ONM is good as well

I can't wait.  I was dismayed when I found out it came out today and not yesterday (on Sunday) like a lot of Nintendo's other releases.

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I am.  I absolutely LOVED the first two and am craving for a great RPG right now.

i was..then i kinda cooled off a little...i loved the first 2, and i was soooo pumped when i saw it at E3, but im not a fan of the "n64" graphics (i hated that generation of graphics)...everything is just too blocky..i wished they stuck with the more 16-bit graphics, those graphics never get old. this doesn't mean the gameplay won't beat great, so i am still getting it and im sure it will still be a good/great game.

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I'm extremely hyped for it, though I think I'll ask someone to get it for me for christmas. Then I'll play it on christmas day and it'll make the experience even better :D. 

XD I don't think I'll ever grow up. 


I can't wait to finally play this game.. Even though the reviews arent amazing, it sounds like they made it very similar to the first two which is fine with me.

nice to see some Golden Sun fans, the only thing that bugs me is that looking at the character roster it seems most of the characters are descendants of the first game(issac,garet, and ivan) I was really hoping to see the descendant of Felix since he's my favorite GS character.

Can't say that I've been too hyped for this one, but I am happy that a solid release is coming out for the DS-- it seems that there have been far too good games for the DS in 2010. 


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I am pretty excited for this to be honest. I thoroughly enjoyed the first two games and chuffed to bits that the next entry is finally here and but a few days away.