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dane007 said:


"how many hours did you play the game? the game isnt perfect, but just because it took them 5 years it shoudnt be. did you play b spec mode?  did you play the endurance race on le mans? to review a game the size of gt5 correctly people shoudnt use hype to base their review on, and should play it alteast for more then 30 hours, those are two things you didnt do."


So far i have played 10 hours of the game. I haven't played the b spec mode but have played the endurance race on le mans. I never based my reviews on hype. I base my review on the time i spent with the game.  The first time i got to play game was at a gaming convention in NZ called armageddon. I am big fan of the GT series and have played every GT game that has been released thus far. So far GT5 is disappointment compared to its predecessor. It seems to me that PD went for Quantity rather than Quality which i think was their downfall with this game. 

only 10hrs you fail!!!

it's the future of handheld


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