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badgenome said:

That's different. You can't blame a guy simply for having an opinion that falls a bit outside of the mainstream. The important thing is, this reviewer (who is probably very handsome and fantastically well endowed) clearly spent a lot of time with the game before coming to a conclusion, and he made some very constructive criticisms about how future installments of series could improve over this one.

Whatever...that guy's review has nothing on that GodOfWar_3ever guy's well analysed experience of 60 hours into the game...its hard not to agree with him.

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Reminds me of Halo 3 all over again. Thats why I can never trust user scores anymore.

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badgenome said:


Nov 24, 2010

This game is crap, which is par for the course when it comes to PS3 exclusives. I hate everything about it! All you do is drive stupid cars! In Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360 exclusive!) you can drive cars but also go on adventures and kill hookers! I wish I could give this -100000 points. Forza is way better!

Score: 0

TT Makaveli said:

wow...Xbox fans are really scared of Gran Turismo...

About as scared as PS3 fans were of Halo:Reach.

I added my review!

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jneul said:

is there any way to report them, i see no report button?? also i hope you all are enjoying gt5, i have to wait till santa brings mine

I don't think you can. But there's a way to ignore them.

These kind of reviews are everywhere on the site. Just ignore them.

lol this happens to all big exclusives on ps3 & xbox....some worse than others but no need to be sensitive about it, saying their scared, etc....don't let the fanboys get to you!!

Unfortunately this happens with every major game released. Since GT5's currently on the radar, it's going to be on the end of that kind of abuse/trolling. Pretty much every major release from all three home consoles (and some PSP RPG's) got these kind of comments.

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oh noes I've never seen such horrible things before >.>


My review is actually the most ''helpful'' one.

Nov 24, 2010
Score : 10
To put it simple,GT5 is the best racing game of the generation. It may not be the 2nd Jesus everyone was expecting,but it is brilliant in it's own right.The content of the game is immense.This game should be priced at 100$ for it's incredible amount of content.
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