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So after seeing some pictures for GT5 on VGChartz I became so impressed that I actually went looking for actual gameplay figuring this game must be simply jaw dropping in motion, well here's what I've found...

Pictures (thanks to various forum members here)

Gameplay (thanks to Christheimperator)

Now go to the 8:00 minute mark of that video and tell me why it's like that and why the game is so different than those pictures above had lead me to believe.

I know some people will say that I'm trolling but I'm really being serious, I want someone here to post their own homemade video showing off GT5 and proving that it looks as good as the videos and images some people posted on here suggest.  I figure getting forum members to post their actual video severely limits any shenanigans and will give us a true picture of what the game really looks like.  Good luck... :)











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maybe because the vid is on a SC screen with an cam on it?

what i hear gt5 graphics are amazing!

Very smart of you to bring up such a low quality video.

*applause* *applause*

hiroko said:

maybe because the vid is on a SC screen with an cam on it?

what i hear gt5 graphics are amazing!

Well the first picture is zoomed in on the car, but I guess from that video you can only do that with certain cars?  Could someone post a video where they zoom in on a premium car or whatever the ones you can zoom in on are called just for comparisons sake.

new here, but i saw this on another topic here on vgchartz = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS0m1S6miCQ&feature=player_embedded

set to 720p and pause at 02:30. then look at your picture above. (and this is off youtube ^^)

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This just can't be serious thread....right?

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you are comparing 380p (I think that is youtube's highest resolution as I don't use youtube often) off screen video to what are probably high resolution (over 1080p) screen captures directly from polyphony digital.

So, I'm not saying the graphics are as awesome as those supposed screen shots, but I am saying your comparison is majorly flawed.

Most of the HD developers release screenshots at extra high resolutions (higher than the actual gameplay resolution) so that magazines can print them and have them look nice in print.

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Yea, don't use that video to base what the graphics are...

But you also have to realize a couple things:

A.) Still frame pictures always look better, so not it won't look as good as those pictures

B.) That video is using a video camera that probably isn't very good to tape a tv, which clearly isn't the best (they may not even be playing in high definition for all we know)...that looks no different than GT4 graphics which is why I say this.

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How about you go and find someone or some store display with GT5 (they should start popping up everywhere soon) and just play the damm game. Get a grip on the feel and look of the game and then judge it, till then be happy with Forza or whatever game you are absolutely not promoting on another console when you made this post that is absolutely not trolling or biased.


For a whole lot of info if you are really interested which as a non troll you are: http://www.gtplanet.net/


I am getting my copy tommorow btw!!!!  Happy, happy

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set to 1080p and look at 2:21

overall just look at the clip, its amazing.