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First Mega Man Online Video

By Spencer . November 18, 2010 . 2:45am

G-Star, Korea’s biggest video game conference, is in full swing. The walls are lined with online games including Mega Man Online from S4League developer Neowiz.


One kind attendee captured a ten minute look at the online game, which is set in the Mega Man X universe. No, this isn’t a loot collecting, Maverick killing game. Mega Man Online, like the other games in the series, is a side scroller. The boss at the end should be familiar to fans too.



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I was hyped for this game but it looks like shit, reminds me of Megaman x8.Looks even worse than universe atleast universe gameplay looks alright.Here the animation all crappy like all others Megaman X 3d games before.Just give us 16 bit sprite or psx sprite with no 3d backgrouds or something like that.

But whatever it doesnt really matter cuz I never would`ve played a MegaMan game on pc.I guess its just to hope that capcom give us Megaman x9 on wiiware and psn

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wow this actually looks pretty good 8/10. but how he finishes off the boss is extra lame.